Up To My Ears Là Gì


about one"s ears|around one"s ears|ear|ears

adv. Phr. Lớn or into complete collapse, defeat, or ruin; khổng lồ the destruction of a person"s plans, hopes, or happiness. They planned khổng lồ have factories all over the world but the war brought their plans down about their ears. John hoped to go to lớn college and become a great scientist some day, but when his father died he had khổng lồ get a job, & John"s dreams came crashing around his ears. Compare: ON ONE"S HEAD.

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advanced in years

Idiom(s): up in years và advanced in years; along in years; on in yearsTheme: AGE - OLD old; elderly.• My uncle is up in years and can"t hear too well.• Many people thua kém their hearing somewhat when they are along in years.

after the dust clears|after|clear|clears|dust|sett

adv. Phr. When a troubling, confusing, or disastrous event is finally over. John invited Tim for dinner, but since Tim"s father had just died, he replied, "Thanks. I"d like to come after the dust settles."

all ears

listening carefully, trying lớn hear everything When Dad mentioned hunting, I was all ears. I loved to lớn hunt.

all ears/eyes

attentive(by listening or looking closely)全神贯注地倾听(注视)Now children,I want you khổng lồ be all ears in class.孩子们,我要求你们在课堂上专心听讲。

all ears|all|ear|ears

adj. Phr., informal Very eager lớn hear; very attentive. Used in the predicate. Go ahead with your story; we are all ears. When John told about the circus, the boys were all ears.

all eyes và ears

Idiom(s): be all eyes (and ears)
Theme: ALERTNESSto be alert for something khổng lồ happen; to wait eagerly for something lớn happen or for someone or something lớn appear.• There they were, sitting at the table, all eyes. The birthday cake was soon lớn be served.• Nothing can escape my notice. I"m all eyes và ears.

along in years

Idiom(s): up in years & advanced in years; along in years; on in years
Theme: AGE - OLD old; elderly.• My uncle is up in years & can"t hear too well.• Many people chiến bại their hearing somewhat when they are along in years.

along in years|along|on in years|year|years

adj. Phr. Elderly; growing old. As Grandfather got on in years, he became quiet and thoughtful. Our dog isn "t very playful because it is getting on in years.

apples và pears

stairs. Possibly the most commonly expressed piece of Cockney rhyming slang that is used as an example of such, or used in jocular mimicry. The term is infrequently heard used in genuine daily use


see in arrears.

be all ears

be eager lớn hear what someone has khổng lồ say.

believe my ears

(See can"t believe my ears)

believe one"s ears

believe one"s ears
Also, believe one"s eyes. Trust one"s own hearing or sight, as in We couldn"t believe our ears when we heard that gene was accepted at Stanford, or I couldn"t believe my own eyes when the movie stars walked in. This expression of incredulity is nearly always stated negatively, as in the examples.

believe one"s ears|believe|ear|ears

v. Phr. 1. Lớn believe what one hears; trust one"s hearing. Used with a negative or limiter, or in an interrogative or conditional sentence. He thought he heard a horn blowing in the distance, but he could not believe his ears. 2. To be made sure of (something). Is he really coming? I can hardly believe my ears.

Blood, sweat và tears

If something will take blood, sweat & tears, it will be very difficult & will require a lot of effort và sacrifice.

blood, sweat, và tears

Idiom(s): blood, sweat, và tearsTheme: EFFORTthe signs of great personal effort. (Fixed order.)• There will be much blood, sweat, & tears before we have completed this project.• After years of blood, sweat, and tears, Timmy finally earned a college degree.

bore to tears|bore|tear|tears

v. Phr. To fill with tired dislike; tire by dullness or the same old thing bore. The buổi tiệc ngọt was dull & Roger showed plainly that he was bored khổng lồ tears. Mary loved cooking, but sewing bores her to tears.

break into tears

Idiom(s): break (out) in(to) tears
Theme: CRYINGto start crying suddenly.• I was so sad that I broke out into tears.• I always break into tears at a funeral.• It"s hard not lớn break out in tears under those circumstances.

burst into tears

Idiom(s): burst into tears and burst out crying
Theme: CRYINGto begin to cry suddenly.• After the last notes of her song, the audience burst into tears, such was its beauty & tenderness.• The brother và sister burst into tears on hearing of the death of their dog.• Some people find themselves bursting out crying for no reason at all.

burst into tears|burst|tear|tears

v. Phr. Khổng lồ suddenly start crying. Mary burst into tears when she heard that her brother was killed in a oto accident.

can"t believe my ears

cannot believe what I hear, it is unbelievable The cat is babysitting the kids? I can"t believe my ears!

Cloth ears

If you don"t listen lớn people, they may suggest you have cloth ears.


someone who has poor hearing or doesn"t pay attention to lớn imparted information; cloth-eared: deaf

coming out of one"s ears

coming out of one"s ears
Overabundant, more than can be managed, as in We miscalculated—new orders are coming out of our ears. Also see embarrassment of riches.

coming out of our ears

having too many, having too much Everybody brought salad. We had salad coming out of our ears!

couldn"t believe my ears

(See can"t believe my ears)

crocodile tears

a show of sorrow that is not really felt He cried crocodile tears when he discovered that he couldn

crocodile tears|crocodile|tear|tears

n. Pretended grief; a show of sorrow that is not really felt. When his rich uncle died, leaving him his money, John shed crocodile tears. (From the old legend that crocodiles make weeping sounds khổng lồ attract victims và then shed tears while eating them.)

cry crocodile tears

Idiom(s): shed crocodile tears & cry crocodile tears
Theme: DECEPTIONto shed false tears; to lớn pretend that one is weeping.• The child wasn"t hurt, but she shed crocodile tears anyway.• He thought he could get his way if he cried crocodile tears.

donkey"s years

a very long time I talked to my friend for a long time because I hadn"t seen her in donkey"s years.

dress rehearsal

the last rehearsal before the performance, dry run All actors must come lớn the dress rehearsal - our last practice.

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dry behind the ears

dry behind the ears
see under wet behind the ears.

dry behind the ears|dry|ear|ears

adj. Phr., informal Experienced; knowing how to vì chưng something. Usually used in the negative. John had just started working for the company, & was not dry behind the ears yet. Compare: KNOW ONE"S WAY AROUND. Antonym: WET BEHIND THE EARS.

ears are burning, one"s

ears are burning, one"s
Be disconcerted by what one hears, especially when one is being talked about. For example, Were your ears burning? Jim was telling us about your exploits. Similarly, make one"s ears burn means “to embarrass,” as in Mom"s stories about us as babies make my ears burn. These expressions allude to lớn one"s ears turning red from blushing.

ears burn|burn|ear|ears

informal khổng lồ feel embarrassment or shame at hearing others talk about you. Joan overheard the girls criticizing her và it made her ears burn. Joe"s ears burned when he heard his classmates praising him lớn each other.

ears pinned back

told to behave, disciplined The rowdy kid needs his ears pinned back. Tell him lớn behave.

fall on deaf ears

talk khổng lồ people who will not listen, really deaf If you talk khổng lồ the workers about management"s problems, your message will fall on deaf ears.

For donkey"s years

(UK) If people have done something, usually without much if any change, for an awfully long time, they can be said khổng lồ have done it for donkey"s years.

get along in years

Idiom(s): get along (in years)Theme: AGE - OLD lớn grow older.• Grandfather is getting along in years.• Yes, he"s really getting along.

get along in years|get on|get on in years|year|yea

v. Phr. To lớn age; grow old. My father is getting along in years; he will be ninety on his next birthday.

get on in years

getting older, over the hill When Mother broke her hip, she was 77 - getting on in years.

getting on in years

(See get on in years)

give you the gears

fool you, tease you, josh you, pull your leg When Dad said you would have to pay for cleaning the carpet, he was giving you the gears.

golden years

65 years of age or older, sunset years Dad is retired now, enjoying his golden years.

have my ears lowered

get a haircut, have my hair cut When my hair is long, I go & have my ears lowered!

have one"s ears on|ear|ears|have

v. Phr., slang, citizen"s band radio jargon to lớn have one"s CB radio in receiving condition. Good buddy in the eighteen wheeler southbound, got your ears on?

in arrears

in arrears
Late or behind, especially in payment of money. For example, He"s been in arrears on his rent so often that he may be evicted.

in arrears|arrears

adv. Phr. Late or behind in payment of money or in finishing something. Usually used of a legal debt or formal obligation. Poor Mr. Brown! He is in arrears on his rent. He is in arrears on the story he promised to write for the magazine.

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in days lớn come|day|days|in weeks lớn come|in years

adv. Phr. In the future. In the years to come I will be thinking of my father"s advice about life.

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