The Country Is More Beautiful Than A Town And More Pleasant To Live In


Câu vấn đáp được xác thực chứa thông tin chính xác và đáng tin cậy, được chứng thực hoặc trả lời bởi những chuyên gia, giáo viên bậc nhất của chúng tôi.

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Từ khóa để vấn đáp các thắc mắc mình vẫn in đậm trong khúc văn nhé!

X)-Choose the nhà cửa among A, B, C or D that best answers the question about the passage.

The country is more beautiful than a town & more pleasant lớn live in. Many people think so, and go khổng lồ the country for the summer holidays though they cannot live there all the year round. Some have a cottage built in a village so that they can go there whenever they can find the time.

English villages are not all alike, but in some ways they are not very different from one another. Almost every village has a church, the round or square tower of which can be seen from many miles around. Surrounding the church is the church yard, where people are buried.

The village green is a wide stretch of grass, & houses or cottages are built round it. Country life is now fairly comfortable & many villages have running water brought through pipes into each house. Most villages are so close khổng lồ some small towns that people can go there to buy what they can’t find in the village shops.

71. When bởi vì city people often go to lớn the country?A. At the weekends.

B. All the year round.

C. At Christmas.

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D. The summer holidays.

72. What is the advantage of thành phố people when they have a cottage built in the village?A. They can have their houses rented.B. They can go lớn the country at weekends.C. They can go khổng lồ the country whenever they can find the time.D. All are correct.73. What is the common feature of English villages?A. They have a church.B. They have a church with a tall tower, and a village green.C. They have a village green.D. They have running water.74. What is NOT mentioned in the life of English villages?A. The village green B. The church C. Running water D. The Internet75. What can villagers bởi when their villages are close lớn small towns?A. They can go there to buy whatever they want.B. They can go there to lớn buy cheaper things.

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C. They can go there to buy what is not found in the village shops.D. They can go there khổng lồ buy luxury goods