In The Future, Students May Have The Choice Of Studying At Home


In future students may have the choice of studying at trang chủ by using technology such as computers or television or of studying traditional schools. Which would you prefer? Use reasons và specific details khổng lồ explain your choice.

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With the advancing of technology many things such as education will change. Such advancement in giải pháp công nghệ will make some people stay home and studying alone by using computer, television and so on. This improvement will not cause some other people khổng lồ leave traditional size of studying at school. I prefer the old format of studying. In my opinion, student at school can gain knowledge easily, have more motivation lớn gain new knowledge, & also have a good social relationship.Attending students in school will make easy to lớn them in realizing new topics. Teachers can easily give them the information that they need to understand topics. While in the home-base school they need to lớn find topics by searching in the internet or using DVDs. Additionally, students can find their questions comfortably by asking them from teachers or other classmates.Teachers at school will give practical information which motivate student and satisfy their brain in creations for future jobs. Moreover, participating student in the experimental-base classes will tốc độ up the learning process. For example, an individual can learn a math subject with using computer, but for the case of learning ways to disassemble a specific device, attending in workshop is necessary. Students also are energetic people, hence with helping them in exercises they will enjoy learning many things.Finally, schools are some kind of social places & participating them in social activity will be beneficial for their future life which they need to be socialized. In schools, teachers have many activities that encourage children to speak và to have a discussion with classmates. These actions will have positive affect on their behavior. For instance, teacher may give them a class assignment và they must discuss and exchange their knowledge with each other. Consequently, these exercises will enrich student socialization.To sum up, giải pháp công nghệ have made many things easier and more affordable, but traditional studying have many benefits that bởi vì not obtain with computer or TV.

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