Looking forward to hearing from you: 6 alternatives to this common sign


Hey, e-mail writers, Sandun here! Welcome to the “Email Etiquette Guru.” Are you waiting for a response? Because today, we are going to talk about the phrase “I am looking forward to lớn hearing from you,” which is a response request.

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14 “Looking Forward to lớn Hearing from You” SynonymsWhat is the “looking forward”?The formality of the “looking forward.”“Am looking forward” vs. “look forward”“To Hear From You” or “To Hearing From You”: Which one is grammatically correct?15 Alternative Polite Ways to lớn Say ” Looking Forward to Hearing from You”How lớn Ask Smartly for a Response in Email?Let’s Wrap All Together.
Getting answers lớn your emails is something lượt thích a mind game. Because you gently force the recipient to take action without seeing each other.Although most social truyền thông is available everywhere, we all still write emails for many reasons in our everyday life.According khổng lồ an email statistic report published by Radicati, there are 306.4 billion total worldwide emails sent/received per day in 2020 và are forecasted khổng lồ increase khổng lồ 361.6 by 2024.

Source: Radicati
Maybe, we expect the recipient to lớn respond lớn our emails sooner.But how could we convince the responder to respond to our email? How to lớn get a busy person to lớn respond lớn your email?Is it the art of getting a response or the phrases listed below?Let’s find out what that means and what you need khổng lồ know about it.

14 “Looking Forward khổng lồ Hearing from You” Synonyms

The “I look forward khổng lồ hearing from you” và “I’m looking forward khổng lồ hearing from you” are the most common phrases that many of us use to lớn ask politely responds khổng lồ emails.But there are many more synonyms.Before we move forward, let’s look at the common phrases or the “looking forward synonyms” we frequently use to lớn request responses for our emails.Looking forward to hearing from you.I look forward khổng lồ hearing from you.Looking forward to hearing from you soon.I look forward lớn hearing from you soon.Looking forward lớn hearing back from youI will look forward to lớn hearing from you.I am looking forward lớn hearing from you.We look forward khổng lồ hearing from you.I am eagerly looking forward to lớn hearing from you.We are looking forward khổng lồ hearing from you.I’m looking forward lớn hearing from you.Hope lớn hear from you soon.Eagerly looking forward to lớn hearing from youLooking forward khổng lồ your response
Table 1. Looking forward to lớn hearing from you synonym

What is the “looking forward”?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “looking forward khổng lồ something” means the sender is pleased or expected khổng lồ be pleased with something that happens in the future.
When you write it in your email, it means you expect a response from the recipient.Perhaps you will have khổng lồ wait without answering your message if you do not write “I am looking forward to lớn hearing from you” in your email” to pass the signal that you are expecting a response.

The formality of the “looking forward.”

Before moving to talk about the formality of the “Looking Forward,” let’s try lớn under politeness in e-mail communication.According lớn Milica Savić (2018) of the University of Stavanger (Norway), politeness or impoliteness depends on the perception between sender và recipient. According lớn her, impoliteness happens when a mismatch between what the recipient expects và what the sender says.
So, it is a bad idea lớn say “please respond khổng lồ this email” lớn your customers because they can easily misunderstand it.Instead of saying that, it is pretty cool to lớn let your recipient know that you are eagerly waiting for a response by saying, “I am looking forward khổng lồ hearing from you,” because it is hard to be misunderstood by anyone.

“Am looking forward” vs. “look forward”

The difference between “.. Am looking forward” & “.. Look forward” is the friendliness.Also, with the formal-informal debate, “I am looking forward” is more formal than writing, “I look forward.”
Both are valid polite ways to ask for a response.But telling it in continuous tense make it friendlier to lớn the reader.
On the other hand, when you say “I look forward ….” it reflects that you firmly tell your recipient that you are waiting for a response.

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“To Hear From You” or “To Hearing From You”: Which one is grammatically correct?

Just ignore this section if you are better at English grammar.
The correct phrase, “I look forward to lớn hearing from you,” though; why?It is because of the difference between infinitive verbs và nouns.
I want to hotline youI need khổng lồ go thereI need to lớn give youIf a noun follows it, -to is considered a preposition.But the verb is not “hear” the word “look.”
So, hear should act as an object.Then it becomes a gerund that is a nonfinite verb form.A gerund is the –ing khung of a verb that functions the same as a noun.

15 Alternative Polite Ways lớn Say ” Looking Forward khổng lồ Hearing from You”

Image by Sebastian Mey from PixabayHowever, because this phrase is widely used & too directive, this is not a good way to request a reply khổng lồ your email.Don’t you heard that “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?”And when you say this, you can’t move forward without a response from the other person, và you must wait until it happens.So, here are a few alternative ways to lớn remind someone to lớn reply to an email. You can use any of these phrases at the over of your email.I’m eager to lớn receive your feedback.I will be waiting for your responseI appreciate your quick response.Always happy khổng lồ hear from you.I request your respective feedback.Keep me informed.I await your immediate response.Your restoration would be helpful.Your Acknowledgment is needed.Let me know if anything changes.Your feedback will be of great assistance.An early reply will be greatly obliged.Write soon!Please, give the subject your earnest consideration và respond positively.It would be grateful if I get the feedback/reply/response at the earliest.
Table 2. Polite ways lớn remind someone to reply

How lớn Ask Smartly for a Response in Email?

All the above phrases are used to do an action from the other person và it will automatically cause you to đại bại your active role in the e-mail conversation.Even if your receiver is not aware of what to do, you must wait until they respond to lớn your email. And, it isn’t good.Waiting longer is not a good sign in professional communication because it is very important to be successful in professional works with good time management.So, in this case, what would be ideal lớn say to lớn your recipient to get a positive response for your email at first most chance.

Rather than saying, “I am looking forward to hearing from you” or any other synonym, you can outfit your thư điện tử with a creative gọi to kích hoạt as following examples.I plan to hand over our project proposal to the management board by Tuesday. Would you please send me your suggestions by Monday?Let's meet at Tucker's for lunch. Does 12:30 p.m. On Thursday suit you?Would you lượt thích me lớn send you our presentation when it's finalized?Could you guide me to lớn find the answer here?

Let’s Wrap All Together.

“I look forward khổng lồ hearing from you” is a precise method to request a response from a recipient.

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But there are many other ways lớn increase response rates for your emails.Using correct e-mail etiquette always backs you khổng lồ achieve the best results for your emails.So, as always, thanks for reading.You May Also like to Read:How lớn Address email To An Unknown Person?How to lớn Find không tính tiền Small Business email Hosting – Step By Step GuideWhat lớn write when forwarding an thư điện tử (With Samples)How khổng lồ Write Professional Thank You Email?