The 10 Rocky Moments Every Relationship Faces


One of the best qualities you can have in your relationship is resiliency. Every couple goes through their cốt truyện of ups and downs. But truly resilient couples who come out the other side when going through hard times in a relationship can be stronger than before. So, what are these couples doing that everyone else isn"t?

"A couple is resilient when each hold the other at such high value," relationship coach Jenna Ponaman, CPC, ELI-MP, tells "They"re willing to vì chưng what it takes khổng lồ keep the relationship alive."

That means, they fight for what they want, even if that means sometimes fighting each other. They communicate in healthy ways & are mở cửa about their feelings with one another. Most importantly, they are both crystal-clear about what it is they want out of the relationship.

"If they are ever in a misalignment, they know how lớn set the agreement khổng lồ which both feel satisfied in the relationship," Ponaman says.

Being able to lớn overcome the challenges in your relationship requires a bit of preparation. Couples who are resilient know that it"s important khổng lồ consistently work at their relationship each và every day. According to experts, it"s the things they do on a daily basis when everything is all good that really sets them apart.

So if you and your partner can vì these things, your relationship may survive tough times.

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If you want your relationship to survive hardship, work on having a solid foundation of friendship with your significant other. "All relationships have ups & downs và there will be times when you don’t feel in love with your partner," therapist Alisha Powell, PhD, LCSW, tells "Having a friendship with them ensures that there is a cushion for hard times when you both don’t feel lượt thích being thắm thiết with each other." It"s not that hard lớn do. Like any friendship, it requires spending time together, talking, & being there for each other when it"s needed.

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Having the ability khổng lồ overcome anything requires the will to vì chưng so. When you"re in a relationship, you"re more likely to lớn fight for it if you feel deeply connected to lớn your partner. "Regular date nights are a wonderful way for couples lớn connect & communicate," Nedra Glover Tawwab, LCSW-Owner of Kaleidoscope Counseling tells "When couples aren"t dating each other on a regular basis, this may be a sign that the fire has frizzled. Unspoken needs go unfulfilled và often lead khổng lồ resentment." It also makes it easier for you or your partner to check out.